The One Ring or The +5 Ring to Nerd-Cred

  • $5.00

Let's be honest with ourselves here,

Everyone needs this Ring.

It's non-negotiable.

Listen, I looked into it for you and there's no other way to increase your nerd cred to an appropriate level.

I mean you can start your own D&D club and get really into cosplay and LARPing at the same time, but that all seems hard. 

It's way easier to just buy this ring.


FREE SHIPPING OPTION: Quickly you fools listen to this. If you don't care if this product takes a million years to get to you (approx. 45-60 days) and have no tracking then you can type in the discount code "sendittomeonhorseback". However, if you type this code in and complain that it's taking too long to get to you, I swear I will spend the rest of my life training birds to s**t on your car right after you clean it. And not just yours, these birds will teach your their young to follow around all your children and your children's children and s**t on all their cars too. They will continue this cycle forever and you and your kin will never escape this curse, all because you didn't listen.

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